On Evolution

by Bob & Suzanne Hamrick

Gentle reader, you who may still be clinging to a vestige of belief in evolution, be advised that, contrary to what you have been told, “selective adaptation” of individual organisms in a specific environment, and the passing down of its selectively adapted genetic information to its offspring, IS NOT EVOLUTION. “Selective adaptation” DOES happen. Darwinian “evolution” does NOT.

Evolution” is life “happening” from non-life, amoebas morphing into cockroaches, reptiles morphing into birds, platypuses morphing into porpoises and back into hippopotamuses, and orangutans morphing into humans! Only in the movies. And, on PBS. And, on the History Channel. And, in our schools.

Those who hold to a belief in evolution do not do so on any kind of legitimate scientific grounds [there being none], but on philosophical ones. These are they who cannot and will not under any circumstance — regardless of any evidence — ever admit that there could exist a creator God. So, they are left with a lot of things to explain, and no other way to do it, except for the “brane-ded” theory of evolution.

Another example: evolutionists tell us that “all this” came from something they call a “primordial soup” which [they say] contained all the “nuts-and-bolts” chemicals needed for life, but lifeless. Admittedly, they have no idea what a complete list of these essential “pre-life” chemicals might look like, OR how all the “necessary” chemicals could somehow “happen” to occur in the right place at the right time in the right proportions, much less how any “non-essential” chemicals which might interfere with The Great Event (poisons) could be persuaded to be “somewhere else” at the “magic moment”, OR just what it was that happened after all the other necessary players were accidentally in place. All they know is that it must have happened, because the alternative (creation by God) is unacceptable. Sound “scientific” to you?

Problem: the Second Law of Thermodynamics states unequivocally that all material systems everywhere observed or theorized are in a general and continuing state of decay. This includes galaxies, the sun, the earth, your cocker spaniel, and us. These material systems all tend, universally, to move from higher orders of complexity to lower orders of complexity. In simpler terms, everything, everywhere, is falling apart, all the time. The ONLY observed physical force which opposes the Second Law of Thermodynamics and is able to reverse it, is LIFE. And the evolutionists, along with all of the rest of “science”, are utterly clueless as to what “life” is, never mind how to create it!

So “evolution”, in which organisms are theorized to move sequentially through thousands of separate and equally improbable “evolutionary changes” from lower orders of complexity to incredibly higher orders of complexity, would somehow have to buck this universal property of matter at every single stage of development in order to happen. But even the most die-hard evolutionists admit that “evolution” does not happen uniformly.

Some species have (theoretically) “evolved” like crazy (man), and some haven’t “evolved” at all (sharks and cockroaches). These differences would either have to result from:

(1.) direction by a non-human supernatural intelligence; or;

(2) some kind of a universal and powerful — but whimsically selective — unseen physical force/law.

Problem: No such capricious “force” has ever even been described, much less observed or measured (except in science fiction). Even today, these same scientists have no idea how this could be accomplished, even in a laboratory, even with billion$ and billion$ of dollars to spend. And they have tried. God knows they have tried.

So, these “scientists” have no clue as to how life might conceivably have come out of non-life. But suppose we grant the possibility that, SOMEHOW, it happened. Now, IF it happened, it happened in direct violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics (note: LAW, not “theory”), which applies everywhere and at all times, as far as we know. But, say it happened.

So, suddenly, we have… what? One single, solitary single-celled clump of something [or perhaps a cluster of clumps], but at least it has its own amino acids, nucleotides, polypeptides, hormones, etc., and it is now ALIVE. Alive, but something really simple — like, say, a single slime mold spore.

Now, this critter may be new to the neighborhood, but it somehow KNOWS that, if it intends to be around the day after tomorrow, it had better get busy making more of itself. So, not only do we have to have this something-out-of-nothing LIFE — assumedly created by accident by lightning striking the “primordial soup” or some other equally implausible scenario [implausible because — in every conceivable laboratory and real-world example known, lightning exterminates life] — but already we have a single-celled creature with an incredibly complex automatic internal program that tells it how to split itself into more of itself! This is called “mitosis”. Isn’t it smart? Only been around a few minutes, and already it’s figured mitosis out, all by itself. And not only mitosis, but how to get the energy it must have to go on “living”, from the very lifeless “soup” from which it “evolved”! WOW!

Well, mitosis (assumedly) goes on working for a few million years, until one day, two adjacent slime mold spores INDEPENDENTLY AND SIMULTANEOUSLY “decide” to “evolve” into MALE and FEMALE creatures that copulate with one another! Just imagine! What are the odds that, out of all the gazillions of slime mold spores on earth at that moment of time, after millions of years, next-door neighbors Slime Mold Spore #985,662,234,753,435,243 and Slime Mold Spore #985,662,234,753,435,244 AT THE SAME MOMENT “evolve” into being the very first of their kind to reproduce sexually? AND Slime Mold Spore #985,662,234,753,435,243 “evolves” all the internal plumbing and external parts he needs (becoming Fred Slime Mold Spore #1) AND Slime Mold Spore #985,662,234,753,435,244 evolves all the (different!) internal plumbing and external parts she needs (becoming Shirley Slime Mold Spore #1), PLUS they both SIMULTANEOUSLY “evolve” a mutual attraction for one another, without which all bets are off. Of course. We can see it. Sounds perfectly “scientific” to us. Almost as good as “Global Warming”.

Admittedly, this is not the only “evolution scenario” possible, but it is representative of the kind of messy thinking behind the whole messy theory. The point is, the “evolutionists” realized long ago that these scenarios were so WILDLY implausible, that the ONLY WAY they could be possible AT ALL is if the processes had VERY long times in which to work. The infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters setup. And — Presto! — all of a sudden we have “evidence” that the earth is millions of years old.

But what they don’t tell you is that even with such very long times in which to work, there is statistically still no guarantee that anything at all would ever happen! This is always left unsaid. Their attitude is that, “We know that evolution is lousy science, but all this stuff had to come from SOMEWHERE, and since special creation is unacceptable to us, it’s all we’ve got! Give us a break here!”

Faulty premise, faulty conclusion. Garbage in, garbage out. The problem is, this garbage is still being taught in our schools, and the talking heads on television are still sneering at anyone who argues against it. For additional politically incorrect information on the evidence for a created universe, contact: Institute for Creation Research – http://www.icr.org

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